Howard Erman Ph.D. Licensed Psychologist in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

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Services I Offer

Individual Psychotherapy
Under-graduates and graduate/professional students make up a large component in my practice, but I treat adults of all ages, and as many men as women. I also see high school age students. In individual psychotherapy we schedule regular weekly sessions, meeting on a once, twice or three times a week basis. I use the first several sessions to assess the issues and recommend what kind of therapy we should do (long- or short-term; frequency, etc.).  As I always tell my new patients, these initial sessions are your chance to meet, observe, question and talk with me so you can assess your comfort level working with me. Doing psychotherapy then becomes a joint decision. Sessions last 45 minutes.**

Couples/Marital Therapy
Couple/marital therapy is always one time a week for an hour with the duration of treatment left open-ended. I try to minimize the information I receive on the telephone when we set up the appointment so that both members of the couple are present with me when I first hear about the current problems; thus more of the first session will be about explaining what the issues are. I also insure that both parties are comfortable with me and my style (see My Approach), helping them find another suitable therapist if they are not.**

Group Therapy 
I do not currently do group therapy but I may again at some future date. Additionally this description may help visitors to this site as they evaluate how I think and practice. I practiced group therapy on a daily basis for the first two decades of my career (see My Experience page) and I believe it is a very powerful form of therapy under-utilized in the larger Ann Arbor area. In group therapy, four to seven people join together for a regular therapy session, meeting once a week over the year. Many people are scared they will feel embarrassed or inadequate, but I have sufficient experience to help people comfortably navigate their initial sessions and these fears then rapidly fade. Here are two groups I have considered starting:

Graduate and Professional Students Group
This group is for adults in their twenties and thirties who in addition to struggling with unique individual issues (which may lead some to also seek individual therapy) have in common issues of young adulthood involving launching a career, developing meaningful relationships and a life away from their family of origin.

After the Divorce Group
In addition to the enormously difficult practical world adjustments that divorce creates around issues such as money and single parenting, divorce deeply bruises our self-confidence, often stirring up very old fears and self-doubts.

Collaborative Divorce Coaching Collaborative divorce seeks a fair and amiable divorce by using a team approach; I am a trained therapist coach. For more information on collaborative divorce, see