Howard Erman Ph.D. Licensed Psychologist in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

(734) 663-2485

Fees, Insurance, Sliding Scale

Standard Fees

Individual Therapy:


Couples/Marital Therapy:


Group Therapy:

$ 60.00/session


As of the end of November, 2021 I will no longer be on any insurance panel. I will format my bills with the information you need to obtain reimbursement from your medical insurance if your insurance provides reimbursement for therapy services.

Sliding Scale

I always set aside some of my therapy appointment slots for reduced fee individual therapies. Several of these are strictly for graduate/professional school students and others are open to anyone. I do not offer reduced fees for couple/marital therapy. In addition, any visitor to this WEB site can have an initial individual assessment session with me at any fee that is affordable to you. If at the end of your first session I think you need further individual therapy and I am unable to continue seeing you (for example, if my regular sliding fee slots are filled), I will direct you to an appropriate setting for affordable treatment. In other words, you should not let money issues keep you from seeking the help you need.