Howard Erman Ph.D. Licensed Psychologist in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

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Information for Current Patients

Vacation Coverage Information

Whenever I go on vacation, I leave instructions on my office telephone (734-663-2485) on how to deal with emergencies and with urgent care problems. The emergency instructions are the same as those listed on this page under Psychiatric Emergencies (bottom of this page). I always arrange for a colleague of mine in Ann Arbor to be available on an urgent care basis (i.e. an appointment usually within 48 hours) if you have a problem that cannot wait until I return. The name and phone number of that covering therapist will be on my office telephone message and will be listed below on the Vacation Schedule just prior to the vacation. In addition, I invite you to call me on my cell phone for any urgent care problem when I am on vacation in this country. For security reasons, I do not list my cell phone on this WEB site, but it appears on your monthly bill. Always feel free to ask me for my cell phone number if you have lost it or do not recall it. When this urgent care cell phone option is not available, I will say so on my telephone message and I will note it below on my vacation schedule. Finally, not every “To Be Announced” Vacation actually becomes a vacation; it is easier to have one listed for every season but many remain just empty place holders

Vacation Schedule for 2018

2018 Winter Vacation: Friday, March 2, 2018 to Monday, March 12, 2018

First Day Resuming Appointments: Tuesday, March 13, 2018.

URGENT CARE COVERAGE: On this vacation I can be reached on my cell phone or by email. Urgent care appointmnts if needed can be arranged with Dr. Jay Radin at (734) 996-4247.

2018 Spring Vacation: Thursday, April 5, 2018 to Sunday, April 15, 2018

First Day Resuming Appointments: Monday, April 16, 2018.

URGENT CARE COVERAGE: On this vacation I cannot be reached on my cell phone but I hope to have email access on a daily basis. Urgent care appointmnts if needed can be arranged with either Irv Leon, PH D at (734) 662-2055 or Susan Miller, PhD at (734) 995-0416.

2018 Summer Vacations:

**I. JULY ** July 9-15

Parients who need to reach me while I am away should send me an email or call (or text) me via my cellphone: 734-355-2485

First Day Resuming Appointments: Monday, July 16

II. August Vacation TBA

First Day Resuming Appointments: TBA


2017 Fall Vacations:


Thanksgiving Holiday 2018:

TBA. Thanksgiving in 2018 is Thursday, November 22, 2018.

First Day Resuming Appointments: TBA

Christmas Holiday Break 2018-2019:

TBA Christmas Day and New Years Day are on Tuesdays in 2018-2019.

Cancellation Policy

I bill if sessions are canceled with less than forty-eight hour notice. (Exception: if we meet regularly on a two or three times a week basis and you tell me in your session that you are canceling your next session, I will not bill for it even if the canceled session is less than forty-eight hours away). If you call before the missed session, I will make a good-faith effort to find a make-up time that occurs in the following day or two and that works for both of us; I will then only bill for the make-up session and not the missed session. If I cannot find a suitable make-up session time or if you do not call before your missed session, I then bill for the missed session. Please note that insurance companies do not pay for missed sessions, so if you rely on your insurance, you will now face a full fee bill. If you any questions about how this policy works or why I have it, please feel free to ask me. (See also Question 7 on the FAQ page for a general comment on cancellation policies in therapy).

Payment Policy

I bill all my regular patients on a once a month basis. At our last session of the month, I will hand you the bill for the month. Payment is due at the next session, our first of the next month. If you are absent from this first session of the next month, please mail in your payment. If you have Blue Cross insurance, I will bill them directly and you will only pay your co-pay and/or your deductible. Finally, if you are planning to seek reimbursement from another insurance or from a medical savings account, a master medical plan, etc., please let me know and I will present you a bill formatted for those needs.

Psychiatric Emergencies

Psychiatric emergencies are extremely rare events. A psychiatric emergency is a situation where you think you can no longer keep yourself or others safe from your own actions or a situation where you are unable to care for yourself in the most basic, minimal ways. First try to call me on my cell phone. If I am not immediately available and you are not safe go immediately and directly to the nearest hospital emergency room, which will provide safe and timely treatment.